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Lord and Lady T

A couple with a busy lifestyle who are often travelling so spare time is minimal.  I work with Lady T, ensuring the house runs smoothly and efficiently, helping her with travel arrangements, making orders on line, carrying out PA duties for her elderly father, organising family events and carrying out bill management when Lord T is away.

“Jules’s flexibility is paramount to me and my ever changing social and family engagements”.

Lady Annabel Goldsmith

I cover for her long-term secretary in her home office following up day to day plans already in place.

“Jules’s ability to fit in smoothly and effortlessly made the absence of my normal PA unnoticeable”.

Anki Wallenberg

Anki had years of paperwork stacked up on shelves and was simply adding to it. Where to start filing seemed impossible.  Over two days we sorted and filed all relevant documents and all waste paper was taken away to be recycled or destroyed if private.

“Just could not face it alone but felt motivated with help”.


I work as Emma’s in-house PA and help with all day-to-day issues arising in her country home as well as helping with the running of her other houses.

“Made my to do list, hers.  Felt organised with minimum fuss and all work carried out quickly and efficiently without question”.

Peter Kirwan-Taylor

A past industry leader who now lives in Notting Hill with a carer.  I help him co-ordinate his paperwork, his tax returns, email correspondence and filing systems.

“When retired it’s difficult to justify the administration help provided by secretaries with a company setup, Jules provides that help and assistance but only when necessary”.

Farmer C

A local farmer that requires bookkeeping and administration assistance.

“Working every daylight hour on the farm gives me little time for the desk, Jules gives me peace of mind that invoices are sent and paid and the accounts are up-to-date for quarterly VAT returns".

Sophie PAHlson-MollEr

An office area that needed reorganising to provide efficient filing and storage. Once established, it needs monthly visits to re-sort new projects and file old.

"Jules helped me to make sense of a useful area being wasted and has given it visibility for further use".

Jeff Thomas

I go into his offices and manage his day to day personal and business affairs whilst he is attending meetings all over the country. Initiative is required much of the time.

“I love coming back to my office and finding the mess  I had left is replaced with tidiness and order yet I can still find everything”.